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The club for pet greyhounds and their families in Lancashire

Lancky Dogs .... not just saving lives but transforming them


Lancky Dogs is a membership only social club with a strong fundraising and rescue element for pet greyhounds and their families in Lancashire.


We have a full diary of social and fundraising events including our monthly Lancky Dogs walks and we also take part in the international greyhound awareness event, the Great Global Greyhound Walk.  Our events are designed to be a blend of fun and fundraising.


We offer our funds to reputable rescues nationwide who are able to offer a safe place and rehoming/rehabilitation facilities to hounds that are at risk in the North of England.  Since we began at the end of 2010 we have helped save and transform the lives of hundreds of hounds.


In June 2014 we launched Lancky Dogs North East to directly help hounds that find themselves in North East pounds and in need of help.  We have been able to continue the wonderful work undertaken by GALA during the last 10 years in this area of the country before the retirement of their founder.


We also organize collections of food to fill all those empty tummies, bedding and kennel coats to keep them warm and snugly in the kennels, collars and leads to keep them safe whilst being transported and to give them a much needed opportunity to go for a walk as the dogs leave the pounds with nothing of their own.  All these items are distributed among the rescues we support to help make the dogs lives just that little bit better whilst they are waiting for their  forever homes.  We also offer transport help in order to move hounds in need into safe rescue spaces around the country and drive 1,000s of miles every year to make sure these beautiful creatures get to a place of safety.


All the help we give is made possible by the generosity of our friends and supporters as well as the enthusiasm of our members who join in our events with their own treasured hounds and share in some wonderful times and fun whilst contributing towards helping the hounds that are still waiting and hoping for their day to come.


We are a friendly group who love our greyhounds and enjoy getting together to talk greyhounds.  If that sounds like you too – why not join us?  Please click on ‘MEMBERSHIP’ at the top to view full membership details and to see how to request a membership form.


Lucille Cavadino

Club President


Please help us to continue our work by making a donation via PayPal below.


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